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Full-auto Handkerchief Tissue Production Lines

OK-402 Type Full-auto Handkerchief Single Packing Machine

Main performance and structure features:
This machine is used for automatic over-wrapping of standard type and mini type handkerchiefs (assembling). It uses PLC human-machine interface controlling system, the servo motor controls the film dropping and the specification of the film dropping can be adjusted at any level. This machine, through few components replacement, is able to contact the package of different size handkerchief (namely different specification).

Model & Main technical parameters:

OK-402 Normal Type

Speed (bags/min)


Packing Arrangement Form

Outline Dimension (mm)
Machine's Weight (KG)

Compressed air pressure (MPA)

380V 50Hz

Power supply

CPP,PE,BOPP and other film sealed on both sides

Power Consumption (KW)