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Toilet Tissue Automatic Production Line

OK-506 Type Toilet Tissue Single Wrapping Machine





Main performance and structure features:
※ Auto-controlled touch screen with stable function and simple operation;
※ This machine adopted by Japanese Mitsubishi PLC;
※ Transmission system with alterable controller which can pitch the position easily;
※ Chasing and warning system of breakdown will report the reason and the position so that the breakdown may be removed im time;
※ Advanced Static Equipment which makes more stable packing;
※ Intellingent System of temperature controlling;
※ Paper supervsiving system:At the paper transprotation belt there's a photoelectricity transducer which will make a warning and stop the operation when no paper is found so the matenal wasting can be avoided;
※ Color Chasing Protection:Inthe process of packing material transmission,an transducer will effectiovely protece the impact and quality of the packing;
※ A protecting system for the packing matenals while being transported: the system will stop the machine when there is no rolled paper.

Model & Main technical parameters:
Speed (bags/min)
Packing size (mm)
85≤φ≤130 85≤H≤180
Outline Dimension (mm)
Machine's Weight (KG)
Compressed air pressure (MPa)
380V 50Hz
Power Consumption (KW)
Packing Film
BOPP, CPP,SPP Single-sided thermal bonding Film