ISO 9001:2000&CE Certificate

Cartoning Machine Series
Cellophane Wrapping Machine Series
Horizontal Packing Machine Series
Heat Shrink Packing Machine Series
Packing materials



Box packing

 OK-220 Series

  • Speed(bags/min): 60-220 bags/min
  • Corton size(mm): 65-120×45-90×12-50 mm
  • Size of the manual(mm): 110-160×90-250 mm
  • Features: Continuous high-speed Cartoning

 OK-120 Series

  • Speed(bags/min): ≤120 bags/min
  • Corton size(mm): 110×32×32~160×40×30 mm
  • Origami scope:
    Paper length: 85-300mm adjustable
    Paper width: 50-200mm adjustable
  • Features: Continuous medium speed Cartoning

 OK-100 Series